June 8, 2015

Current Spring and Summer Trends

INHORGENTA MUNICH presents new trends in the Jewelry & Watches Sector

INHORGENTA MUNICH presented the current spring and summer trends already in February, the collections of the exhibitors showing mainly one characteristic: opposites are prevailing this year. Intense colors form a contrast to subtle shades, just like cheerful floral designs to clear geometric forms. Bicolored variants are gaining momentum in the watches & jewelry segment and are increasingly accompanied by new material mixes.

Trends in the jewelry segment

Intense colors and subtle shades
Spring and summer are the ideal seasons for adding a fresh touch shimmering in pastel shades: the color palette ranges from powdery rose and ecru to light green and blue shades to lilac. Many exhibitors of INHORGENTA MUNICH take up this trend in their current collections using color stones like tourmaline, rose quartz, chalcedony, peridot, aquamarine or amethyst. Intense colors like fuchsia, raspberry, aubergine, violet and petrol stand in an exciting contrast with them. The Stuttgart-based company COEUR DE LION, for example, uses certain colors in a very selective way. "We achieve the appeal of our jewelry by expressive colorfulness and clear design – this can be nicely seen in our new GEO CUBE models", states Jana Dannenhauer, Head of Marketing. Earthy shades are ranging very high on the popularity scale, too – last but not least because of the Pantone trend color of the year, the brownish-red color shade Marsala. Already a classic as a typical winter color, Marsala is now equally in vogue in the looks of the summer, yellow, white and rose gold adding a light and fresh touch to wine-red stones like garnet, topaz and ruby.

Geometric design and floral patterns
The aesthetics of graphical elements and geometric forms is a fashionable evergreen. Here, the optical focus lies on minimalistic design which often has its roots in architecture – especially in the "Bauhaus" style. Graphically inspired pieces of jewelry become genuine statement pieces when enriched by surprising effects and combinations of materials. Creations by Ernstes Design, for example, masterly incorporate this philosophy. His passion for reduced forms led the founder and owner of the company, Andreas Ernst, to develop an unmistakable style: "In our collections, clear lines were an essential stylistic device right from the outset. The cool character of stainless steel as a main material perfectly underlines geometric designs. Suspense is aroused above all by conferring continually new forms of appearance to geometry through its combination with softer elements such as gold coatings or our silk wood.“ Romantic, partly colorful blossom ornaments, which are currently ubiquitous, form a clear contrast to the expressive properties of geometric shapes. Bernd Wolf, for example, shows filigree floral patterns in his current jewelry set "Summer dream": Inspired by the orchid, necklaces, ear studs and rings reflect the shapes of this tropical plant. "We see blossoms as a symbol for youth, sensual pleasure and zest for life", states Bernd Wolf. "Sterne des Meeres“ ("Stars of the Sea") is the name of the nature-inspired highlight collection of the Swiss jewelry manufacture FRIEDEN, which was presented for the first time at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2015. The most eye-catching feature of the earrings and the necklace are cultivated pearls melting into variegated flower ensembles.

Mix of materials and bicolored looks
Bicolored jewelry is increasingly gaining momentum in 2015. Not only pieces in classic white and yellow gold compounds are highly sought-after, but also stainless steel in combination with rose gold or a mix of ceramics and silver. Compositions of blackened iron and yellow gold are especially impressive. There is a lot of experimentation and improvisation with new materials especially in the wedding rings segment. A few jewelry manufacturers have already discovered the deep black carbon for themselves. Its structured surface provides an extravagant visual appearance which is contrastingly accentuated by gold or platinum. At INHORGENTA MUNICH 2015, the Pforzheim-based jewelry manufacture Fischer presented its third wedding ring collection of elegant creations made of this resistant material. "For our carbon model, apricot gold in combination with the cool black of the carbon has turned out to be a strong-selling combination of materials", states Mandy Windt, responsible for Marketing & PR at J. Fischer & Sohn KG.

Trends in the watches segment

Slim shapes and retro trend
The trend is towards decent elegance: Flat watch cases and graceful shapes are highly popular for ladies' watches. In the high-end segment, the timepieces are made of gold, often studded with brilliants. A good example: the new model of the "Diamond Wave Edition“ by EBEL with flowing lines and an elegant profile. Although models in rose gold continue to be as popular as ever, they face increasing competition from stainless steel in feminine shapes – preferably also in the luxury version with brilliant studding. In the men's accessories segment, the focus is on colorful models with sporty rubber straps, on the one hand, and on watches in retro look and classic golden timepieces, which are ideally suited to the formal business attire, on the other hand.

Demand for quality "Made in Germany" is growing
During its last edition, INHORGENTA MUNICH emphasized the importance of the quality label “Made in Germany”. A comprehensive overview of the topic was offered and well-known German designers, manufactures, manufacturers and precious metal refineries were presented on a separate special area. Currently, many watchmakers are returning to the quality label "Made in Germany". The combination of the classical art of watchmaking with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques is an important basis for manufacturing high-quality timepieces. Many work steps take place in Germany, from design to the mounting of international components to severe quality controls. Thus, workplaces and knowhow are secured in Germany. The price ranges of the watches are mainly between Luxury and Lifestyle, filling a gap in the upper middle segment. Companies like REGENT have set the precedent: Since this year, the watch brand has offered a "Made in Germany" line consisting of 54 wrist and pocket watches.

Pictures for this press release

Pictures for this press release