February 8, 2016

Watches – More than just timepieces

First watch innovation forum at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2016

The universe of watches is nowadays caught in an interplay between intelligent high-tech accessories, traditional craftsmanship and inflationary replicas. The new Watch Innovation Forum of INHORGENTA MUNICH 2016 picks up on this topic by offering breathtaking lectures and an interactive exhibition space in the redesigned “Timepieces” Hall A1.

“The fascinating world of watches has been an essential part of INHORGENTA MUNICH for more than forty years. Now it is being further strengthened in a forward-looking manner: The newly created Watch Innovation Forum in “Timepieces” Hall A1 is an innovative platform dealing with diverse contents of the watch industry.”

Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München explains, “As in previous years, the watch industry will have to face a great number of challenges also in 2016. As a professional industry partner, we point to these challenges and accompany them. Replica watches are overstocking the market, smartwatches and intelligent accessories are increasingly entering into competition with classic timepieces. The new Watch Innovation Forum of INHORGENTA MUNICH picks out the risks and opportunities associated with these developments as a central theme, provides important impulses and presents solutions for the future.“

What developments are shaking up the industry in the medium and long term and what are the consumer’s expectations? Answers to these questions will be given at the Trend Show featuring a variety of exhibits and background information from Frederique Constant, Alpina, Casio and Nevo, among others. “After a two-year break, also the Fossil brand with its “Connected Accessories” will return to INHORGENTA MUNICH and present its new collection in Hall A1,” reports Messe Chief Klaus Dittrich with delight.

Top-class experts will be elucidating design trends, market tendencies and customer service management in their lectures. Besides describing the occupational profile of a watchmaker, they will point to the criteria that are nowadays decisive when buying a watch. The exhibition space also serves as a presentation stage for sophisticated innovations, technical novelties and explosive topics such as for example fakes. When is it allowed to refer to a watch as a fake, where are counterfeit watches being manufactured and what are the consequences for the manufacturers? The “Democratization of luxury” has led to a sales boom for replica watches. It is vital for jewelers to protect themselves against counterfeit products.

The fact that a watch does not only distinguish itself by its inner values is demonstrated by INHORGENTA MUNICH in collaboration with the prestigious IDEA-Design office. A look over a designer’s shoulder reveals how a watch is developed at the PC and how 3D patterns are created.

“Trend topics and a practice-oriented transfer of knowledge—there is no getting around the new Watch Innovation Forum of INHORGENTA MUNICH,” that is how Exhibition Director Stefanie Mändlein describes this innovative positioning of INHORGENTA MUNICH 2016.

Photos for this press release

Photos for this press release