Get to know from our INHORGENTA MUNICH team, what you can expect in the six trade show halls

Michael Munteanu (c) Messe München

Michael Munteanu, Hall B1 “Fine Jewelry”

“I think the absolute highlight in Hall B1 ‘Fine Jewelry’ is the jewelry shows. This always successful mix of great music, exquisite jewelry and international models who present selected creations on the catwalk inspires me over and over again. The hall also stands for breathtaking glitter and glamor – no matter whether you are talking about brilliant gold jewelry or the mysterious sparkle of gemsstones. After all, the hall brings together the most well-known makers of jewelry and wedding rings.”

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Angelika Wildegger (c) Messe München

Angelika Wildegger, Hall C2 “Contemporary Design”

“New names, unusual ideas and uncommon designs – Hall C2 ‘Contemporary Design’ is without question one of the most exciting places at the trade fair. It takes you on a kaleidoscopic trip of jewelry designers around the world, with stops in such places as Japan, Korea, the United States and Mauritius. If you are looking for exquisite items produced in small numbers, then Hall C2 is the place for you. Internationally, it is considered to be the most important and largest platform you will find for contemporary jewelry design.”

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Laura Bihlmaier (c) Messe München

Laura Bihlmaier, Hall C1 “Carat”

“Hall C1 ‘Carat’ should be a real paradise for goldsmiths and artisans in particular. And for good reason. They can go here and find the precious treasures of nature that they need to perfect their pieces of jewelry: diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, opals and spinels. In short: Hall C1 presents all of those gemstones that can turn an elegant ring or a resplendent necklace into a unique, desirable object. The delicate cuts and the fascinating colors of these magical stones never cease to fascinate me. I am really looking forward to seeing the large number of well-known companies that will be exhibiting for the first time."

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Laura Bihlmaier, Hall B2 “Elegance und Lifestyle”

“Anyone who happens to actually think that classic jewelry and the very latest trend pieces do not go together will learn a thing or two in Hall B2 ‘Elegance and Lifestyle.’ This hall creates a perfect symbiosis of timeless elegance, traditional jewelry art, spectacular new products and innovative jewelry designs: classic necklaces, rings and bracelets on the one hand and new material combinations or varying modular creations on the other. The exhilarating character of this hall is underscored by ‘Lifestyle Isles’ in the middle aisle where the latest products of new brands and traditional exhibitors can be discovered.”

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Laura Bihlmaier, Hall A1 “Timepieces”

“Time makes its home in Hall A1 ‘Timepieces.’ And for good reason: Every type of timepiece can be found here: smart and connected watches as well as chronometers from the best mechanical tradition. Nobel masterpieces produced by artisans, multi-functional chronometers and the latest generation of connected watches will be showcased in the hall. The special highlight in this year: the new ‘Watch Boutique.’ Eight exhibitors will show off their newest models and collections in the heart of the hall. The lounge-style bar will be converted into a roundtable where the industry will discuss the latest trends in timepieces.”

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Carolin Kindermann (c) Messe München

Carolin Kindermann, Hall A2 “Technology & Bijoux”

“Anyone who designs, makes or sells jewelry and watches needs the right technical equipment. This is just what Hall A2 ‘Technology & Bijoux’ is all about. The exhibitors here will present ideas for shop design, packaging, tools and security solutions. The makers of fashion jewelry are right at home here as well. They will present fashion pieces, semi-precious gemstones, semi-finished products and accessories. In the watchmakers’ forum, visitors can look over the shoulders of four schools once again – and gain inspiration.”

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