INHORGENTA MUNICH is set for future change

“Half-way party” for INHORGENTA MUNICH: the extremely successful 2016 edition dates back to more than half a year, and INHORGENTA MUNICH 2017 will open its gates in six months’ time. The ideal point in time for Exhibition Director Stefanie Mändlein to take a look to both the past and the future.

Exhibition Director Stefanie Mändlein Interview with Exhibition Director Stefanie Mändlein

Ms Mändlein, the world is in turmoil. And on top of that the impact of the recent Brexit vote. How do you assess the implications for the jewelry and watch industry?

Naturally, these events also have an influence on our industry. Currently, I am traveling a lot again for INHORGENTA MUNICH 2017. And wherever I get to, some uncertainty can be felt. Nobody really knows in which direction we are heading – particularly as far as the economic development is concerned. But do you know what is all the more encouraging, especially with that in mind?

Tell it to us!

Our booking status currently shows a plus of 15 percent compared with the previous-year period! Hall C1, which is exclusively reserved for gemstones, is already booked to capacity. In the other exhibition segments, things are equally shaping up very well. And the lifestyle segment of Hall B2 is also buzzing with activity. All in all, this is a fine interim result.

The trade show concept, which has been newly implemented this year, actually seems to have been exactly the right step towards a successful future, doesn’t it?

Yes, it does. We have come up trumps in redesigning the Halls B1 and A1. Immediately after the event, many customers were of the opinion that the new concept pleased them a lot. Such feedback is naturally always very welcome! But it is even more rewarding when this popularity can be expressed in figures to boot. This is an enormous incentive for us.

So exhibitors and visitors may look forward to all the additional improvements that INHORGENTA MUNICH 2017 will feature?

In any case, our whole team is doing its best. We would like to take advantage of the positive mood that exists around our event. The talks we are currently conducting are very promising: here, too, it becomes apparent that the new concept is being very well received. I can even tell you a secret: in 2017, the Meister Manufactory, for example, will no longer place its focus on Baselworld but on INHORGENTA MUNICH. And it is not excluded that other labels will come back to us. This is an enormous sign of confidence for us.

Is INHORGENTA MUNICH set for further change in the next few years?

Ongoing change is a must for us to ensure our long-term survival. On the one hand, there will be visible changes at the trade show itself. One of the thinkable changes would be to offer the suppliers new booth options, as for example pop-up booths. In addition, we are focusing even more intensely on formats featuring a workshop character, where we will at times explore the mood among the end consumers. On the other hand, it will be our objective in the future to position INHORGENTA MUNICH in such a way that it is not only perceived as a four-day trade show but as a driving force for the entire industry – on 365 days a year. Well, I can certainly tell you this much: in this respect, we are currently developing an event which will be a true highlight in 2017.