Instagram Offers an Exciting Place for Advertising

Michèle Lichte Michèle Lichte

Ms Lichte, do you recommend becoming active on Instagram to jewelers and jewelry manufacturers?

Absolutely! Instagram is an extremely lively and interactive network. Several millions of pho-tos or videos daily are shared by users, influencers, brands or companies on this platform, which has a purely visual character. And this trend continues to be on the rise. Instagram has become a major source of inspiration for many people. If that is not an exciting place for ad-vertising! A success story is the account of Ariane Ernst, a German jewelry designer. More than 10,000 people have subscribed to it. Ariane Ernst has built up her success via social me-dia presences; her jewelry was initially not available in stores at all. Surveys have shown that 65 percent of the Instagram users seek inspiration on this platform. Currently, it is not yet pos-sible to shop directly via Instagram, but this will certainly change in the future. The company recently announced that it would test corresponding functions with first US brands.

What tips do you have for a successful Instagram presence?

I recommend being regularly active with an appealing, visual and inspiring content and pre-senting pictures that show more than just products. Posting alone, however, is not sufficient. Many simply put their contributions online and then are surprised that nothing happens. This is due to the fact that they fail to interact with others, which is precisely what is vital on Insta-gram. In practical terms, this means that you must follow accounts with similar interests, seek communication and answer comments. You should always bear in mind that Instagram is a place of inspiration and discovery for many users.

What, in your opinion, are the characteristics of a good picture on Instagram?

Pictures do not have to be shot by a professional photographer. Everyone can take good pho-tos. This can also be achieved using an iPhone. Regarding image processing, there are useful apps such as Snapseed for correcting exposure, white balance and contrasts, among other things. In addition, the pictures should match the brand’s product world, and the Instagram channel should follow a uniform image style. As regards feed presentation, useful third-party providers such as Later may be helpful.

Inspiring Instagram accounts from the jewelry and watch industry (compiled by Michèle Lichte):

Personal details: Michèle Lichte from the Instagram marketing agency IG4Business is a passionate photographer. She has intensely dealt with social media from the outset and is an expert in everything related to Instagram. Michèle Lichte is the founder of the Instagram Community @igersbonn and pro-vides companies with advice on the use of Instagram. She organizes photography competitions and gives lectures and webinars on "Mobile Photography".