Google Missionary Jeremy Abbet About the Store of the Future

QVC Source: obs/QVC/fotolia/ranczandras

What will our shopping world look like in twenty years’ time? And what influence will digitalization, the scarcity of resources and social change have on our shopping behavior? The QVC "Study on the future of trade 2036: shopping behavior in Germany the day after tomorrow" [QVC Zukunftsstudie Handel 2036: „Wie kauft Deutschland übermorgen ein? “] provides an outlook on these questions.

The consumer survey conducted by TNS Infratest and Trendbüro Hamburg – commissioned by the digital trading company QVC Germany – concluded that:

  • 23 percent of Germans can easily imagine making use of advice through computers, avatars, holographies or robots.
  • 77 percent of Germans say: "It is precisely because so many things will happen virtu-ally in the future that experiences in the real world will become all the more valuable.
  • Those who manage not to fall victim to consumerism will be looked upon as “cool” in the future – 23 percent of Germans agreed to this statement.
  • 41 percent of Germans anticipate that shopping will organically merge with daily rou-tines: "Shopping will happen incidentally in the day-to-day life of the future, for exam-ple by voice command when looking into the larder."
  • 60 percent of Germans say: "Ethically correct shopping will substantially gain in im-portance in the future."

The Seminar Program of INHORGENTA MUNICH also deals with these future issues and with the important topic of digitalization.

For instance, Maximilian Hemmerle, CEO of the Renésim jewelry company, shows how e-commerce and store-based specialist trade harmonize with each other. Dr. Jens Rothen-stein from the IFH Institute for Retail Research invites the audience to attend his lecture enti-tled "The online shopper of today and tomorrow". And in the lecture given by Jörn Weiss, CEO of the Weiss & Urban Internet agency, the audience will learn more about brand man-agement in the era of social search and storytelling.

Michel Müller, CEO of Client Link, will provide an outlook on customer relations in the watch and jewelry trade in 2030. Another highlight of the Seminar Program will be the lecture by Jeremy Abbet on February 20, 2017 at 03:30 p.m. Jeremy Abbet works at Google as Crea-tive Evangelist and will talk about "The store of the future – concepts and ideas".