"Digitalization is not a Magic Potion"

Joern Weiss Jörn Weiss

Mr Weis, what does a jeweler have to pay attention to when it comes to the topic of digitalization?

Digitalization is a global, highly relevant trend – but not a magic potion. A well-founded opportunity/risk analysis which is based on a valid positioning of one’s own company should always be in the foreground of any action. Exploratory talks with different partners and service providers may help elucidate and understand the topics from different angles.

What should jewelers avoid?

As everywhere, the following rule applies: actions without clear objectives remain ineffective; they only cost time and money and thus are wasteful. Having a presence on Facebook without a strategy and without a clear editorial concept, that is to say just for "being there", is not expedient. And, what is even more important: prejudices are fatal, either you like the social media or you refrain from making use of them. Few, but resolute measures are a first step into this direction.

Are social media channels just as important as a website? Which channels do you recommend and what should one bear in mind?

The functions and mechanisms of action of websites and social media are fundamentally different. A website provides information, whereas the social media distribute information. After all, in Germany you communicate with 28 million people via Facebook; Instagram and Snapchat require dedicated content and image concepts. The right channel depends on the products, the positioning, the target groups and the content concept.

How can jewelers score points with their customers?

The strong points of brick-and-mortar businesses reside in the fact that people can meet each other and have haptic experiences. In this respect, the brick-and-mortar trade must be strong and distinctive. As a consequence, an additional online shop or social media activities must have other strengths. In specialist jargon: the customer journey should provide surprising and relevant topics and offers at each touchpoint. Fewer offers, but good ones – and this rule applies to all offers and channels.

Personal details:
Jörn Weiss is Managing Director Consulting at weiss urban. The digital agency and advertising agency for strategic and digital brand management has its seat in Pforzheim. Jörn Weiss will also be a guest of INHORGENTA MUNICH 2017 and will impart more knowledge on the topic of digitalization within the framework of the Seminar Program.