Because of INHORGENTA MUNICH: Jeweler Closes his Store

Juweler Thilo Schmidt & Petra Greiner-Schmidt Juweler Petra Greiner-Schmidt and Thilo Schmidt

INHORGENTA MUNICH turns into the center of the jewelry and watchmaking industry, and not only for the exhibitors. The trade show has long since been firmly established in the appointment books of many jewelers, too. Thilo Schmidt – the owner of the jeweler store of the same name in the city of Westerstede in Lower Saxony and member of the Diadoro Confederation of Retailers – visited the event in Munich more than 20 times. And yet this is a premiere for him...

The master watchmaker will not travel to INHORGENTA MUNICH 2017 (February 18 to 21) together with his wife and fellow manager Petra Greiner-Schmidt and one staff member, as usual. For the first time ever, the entire staff will be there. "Until now, we only could offer one colleague the opportunity to visit the trade show. This time, we asked all our staff members whether they would be interested in joining us,” reports Thilo Schmidt. The result was clear: all our staff members immediately expressed their willingness, although they had to sacrifice their free Sunday for it. For it is not worthwhile to make the 820-kilometer-long trip from the northwestern corner of Lower Saxony to Bavaria for one day only. “Therefore, we will attend the trade show on the first two days, on Saturday and Sunday,” says Petra Greiner-Schmidt.

The travel arrangements have meanwhile been completed. Petra Greiner-Schmidt: “We have leased a Volkswagen Transporter for this period.” However, the seven staff members will not travel by car from Westerstede to Munich, but to Bremen which is at a distance of more than an hour’s drive. From there, they will take a direct flight to the Bavarian Capital. “When we planned our trip, flights were inexpensive. In addition, we are lucky because in this way we will all stay at the same hotel,” adds the manager. And what about the store on that Saturday, all the more that Saturdays are extremely popular with the customers? GreinerSchmidt: “We will close it on that day. For us, it’s worth the trouble. We receive such a lot of professional input at INHORGENTA MUNICH and meet such a lot of interesting people from the industry that it is a tremendous benefit for our daily business. In the Internet, you can certainly also get good information – but direct dialogue is only possible at the trade show.”

Have a pleasant trip, Mr Thilo Schmidt!