The new customizable INHORGENTA MUNICH app with networking and group communication features

New, customizable and organized

The new in INHORGENTA MUNICH event app provides accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring your trade fair visit is pleasant and well-organized. It also brings together the industry's key decision-makers and experts on one platform, enabling users to exchange ideas on hot industry topics. Participants can therefore contact each other and participate in discussions and networking sessions before, during, and after the trade fair, even those who are unable to attend the trade fair itself.

The app allows you to store all the information about INHORGENTA MUNICH that is relevant to you in one place and access it on the go, helping you to find your way around the trade fair and thus organize your visit as efficiently as possible.

That's what the app offers you

  • The app's (paid-for) networking option allows you to exchange ideas on relevant topics with key decision-makers and industry experts, to take part in discussions, or simply to follow their progression. You can of course also contact other participants directly and continue to network with them after the trade fair is over.
  • The app's personalized homepage provides a clear overview of the events and exhibitors relevant to you and includes a hall plan to help you organize your trade fair visit. It is easy to find open restaurants and other points of interest (e.g., cab ranks) to make your visit as pleasant and successful as possible.
  • The filter function can be used to focus quickly and easily on the things that are important to you, ensuring your visit is personalized and can be tailored fully to suit your preferences.

Free WiFi at the trade fair

At INHORGENTA MUNICH, we are offering free wireless internet access to all visitors at the trade-fair center.

Questions & Answers

The networking option that enables users to contact other users directly and take part in group discussions is free once-only as a “Personal Account” for visitors to and exhibitors at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2019. For the premiere of this function, we are waiving the €10 you would normally pay in addition to the entry ticket.

A company account costs €399. This enables exhibitors and visitors to create public channels and use these for communication and advertising purposes. More information below.

The networking option is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

The networking option of the INHORGENTA MUNICH app is a digital, central platform based on the idea of group communication, which is why there are channels in which all the participants can interact. It allows all those interested in INHORGENTA MUNICH to share their thoughts no matter where they happen to be. The app brings all the relevant people and information together in one place. In public and private channels, they can share information about industry topics with old and new contacts or simply discover what people in the industry are especially concerned about,

Everyone can join the public channels and there are no limits on the number of participants. The public channels are existing channels in which people exchange their thoughts and ideas about various topics that concern the industry. For example, a public channel could be called “Diamonds” or “Digitalization”. If you are interested in diamonds or digitalization, you can join the respective channel to make sure that you don’t miss any news or information about that topic.

1:1 communication is also possible within the app: Users with the networking option can create private channels and invite others to join them. Private channels are groups of 2-10 people. They can join a private channel only when invited to do so.

Free users can use all functions in the service area of the app, but have limited use of the networking area.

In order to set up a personal account, users must purchase the networking option. Users receive their personal login details following ticket purchase and can then log in to the networking area. They can then join public channels, create private channels, and also invite users to and accept invitations for private channels. Direct communication with individual participants is also possible.

Private account holders can see the full name, company, job title, and country of the other users.

Networking company account holders must purchase an INHORGENTA MUNICH ticket (visitor or exhibitor ticket). When purchasing a ticket with the networking option, users receive their personal login details and must then register in the networking area. These users have the same access rights as personal account holders.

With the company account, however, users can also create public channels and invite all users in the networking area to join those channels. Companies can use these channels for their own communication and advertising purposes. A private channel will also be set up automatically for the company, and all employees of that company who have the networking option will be added to it.

The most important benefit of the company account is that two channels will be automatically set up for the account holder: a public channel and a private channel.

The public channel can be used to send messages, updates, and invitations to all app users, and can therefore be used to advertise the company or its stand at the trade fair. The public channel can be used to reach all app users—from exhibitors and visitors to other industry professionals who might not have a ticket to the trade fair (available with the INHORGENTA MUNICH connect app ticket).

The private channel that is automatically set up includes all employees from the same company, who will be added automatically as long as they hold their own personal account.

When purchasing tickets and registering for an exhibitor ticket for INHORGENTA MUNICH (with or without the networking option) users are asked if they want to appear in the app's networking directory or not. The following details are shown: surname and first name, company, job title, country. This feature is free and users can give their permission to be included in the directory by checking the relevant box. Users not wishing to be included in the directory should simply leave the box unchecked.

This means that the networking directory contains every visitor and exhibitor who has bought a ticket and agreed to be listed in the directory. Not only the people who use the additional networking option.

The special feature of the company account is that the account user can create public channels and invite all the networking participants to them. The user thus has the opportunity to use the public channel for their own special communication and advertising measures. In addition, a private channel is automatically created for the respective company to which all employees of the company who use the networking option are added automatically.

Users of a personal account can only join public and private channels and create private channels and invite others to join them. However, personal account users cannot create a public channel.

1:1 communication with individual participants is possible with personal and company accounts.

The networking option can be added to all ticket options, whether an early bird ticket, a one-day ticket or four-day ticket, purchased online or at the venue.

Company accounts are available to approved ISPO Munich exhibitors and visitors. They must be purchased as a separate ticket option, the "Company Account" ticket.

As with the networking option, the company account is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.

The company account enables companies to position themselves as a specialist in a particular topic. It can also be used to enhance the company's presence at the trade fair through selected communications, and allows companies to reach customers in a more targeted manner before, during, and after the trade fair.

The company account also enables users to advertise their company, new products, important information, stand parties, etc., through their own public channels.

All employees and colleagues can also be contacted quickly, easily, and in one group in the company's own automatically generated private channel.

Using the networking option of the INHORGENTA MUNICH app, you can meet, reach, and contact decision makers and experts from the industry and share information about current topics. You can contact existing customers and meet potential new customers too. All functions of the networking option will remain available after the trade fair ends and can be used for one year from the date of purchase.