Hall C2—Contemporary Design & Vision

Innovative design concept at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2020

INHORGENTA MUNICH focuses on innovative and integrated design concept in hall C2 curating the sophisticated, socially relevant topics of sustainability and future retail with trendsetting special exhibits and lecture series.

Impressions of the new hall concept 2020

The optical design of the 10,000 m² space with its focus on sustainability is a reference to the origin of materials and the careful use of those resources. The key content of the hall is reflected in lush, natural tones, moss-covered seating surfaces, some 700 green plants and hanging gardens in the catering area and waterfall projections with forest sounds as an acoustic backdrop.

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The centerpiece of the hall: TRENDFACTORY MUNICH

Known as the INHORGENTA FORUM in previous years, the space is now a format that gives top speakers from around the world a stage

Most important platform for contemporary jewelry design, young designers and schools

Those who like to create extraordinary ideas or have a penchant for striking designs are in the right place in the “Contemporary Design & Vision” section in hall C2. This is considered the biggest and most important platform for contemporary jewelry design on the international stage.

INHORGENTA Brand New and Campus

INHORGENTA Brand New is a forum for young designers and goldsmiths.
In addition, the hall is host to the INHORGENTA Campus with individual spaces for schools and colleges and the INHORGENTA Campus Talks for issues relevant to the industry’s young talent.

INHORGENTA MUNICH 2019—Contemporary Design

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Contemporary jewelry design at INHORGENTA MUNICH 2019.

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