The prize winners 2019

These are the winners of the INHORGENTA AWARDS 2019. Congratulations to all participants. We are looking forward to next year's event.

Fine Jewelry

Hans D. Krieger

It is undisputed: Nature is our most valuable asset. She provides us with a livelihood and inspires us with her perfect beauty. And gives us unforgettable moments. Imagine an impressive waterfall: a unique spectacle that captivates all who come across it. This is exactly what we felt with the earrings “Asian Waterfalls” by Hans D. Krieger. A waterfall on Simian Mountain in China served as the model here: sparkling diamonds in princess and baguette cuts represent the crystal-clear mountain water, while the graceful and moving realization reinforces its intoxicating character. Anecdote: classified as Art Déco, Bettina/Franzi stylized figure—completely surprised by the actual story but this does not diminish the attractiveness of the earring! The Hans D. Krieger manufactory in Idar-Oberstein has been a specialist in diamonds for several generations and has created something here that is completely representative of the company: making jewelry for eternity from treasures of nature. For this, we award them the INHORGENTA AWARD 2019 in the category Fine Jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry

Concrete Jungle

What actually comes to mind when you hear the term “concrete jungle”? Probably something colorless, oppressive, uninspired. In a nutshell, nothing beautiful. A young label from Frankfurt am Main proves to us that there is another way: Concrete Jungle. Their imaginative works reveal the surprising sides of concrete: lightness, tenderness and playfulness. The otherwise often spurned grey becomes a celebrated star in this wonderful necklace in the Grey Rosé Edition. Especially given that the matt concrete and the shining splinters of rose gold enter into a wonderful symbiosis. Extraordinary design and high-quality craftsmanship in this sensational piece of jewelry make it a magical combination. We are therefore absolutely convinced: the necklace in the Grey Rosé Edition by Concrete Jungle enchants not only its wearers, but also their companions. The INHORGENTA AWARD 2019 in the category Fashion Jewelry is the reward for this.

Designer of the year

Corinna Heller

1989 was a year of magical moments: The Berlin Wall fell. And Inhorgenta Munich celebrated its 15th anniversary with a jewelry ball. But for Corinna Heller, this year also had a very personal meaning: it was when the designer opened her studio in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Since then, her pieces of jewelry have been characterized by a design language that is very precise. Also characteristic are the charismatic compositions of magnificent colored gemstones and high-carat precious metal. Corinna Heller herself describes her style as classic but modern and provocative: sculptural and amusing, subtle and cool—but always meaningful. She is inspired by people and cities, by architecture and fashion. “In contrast to fashion, jewelry can function as a work of art even if it is not being worn,” she once said. And this is exactly what the artist achieves with her own works. After a 30-year career, 2019 will be another special year for Corinna Heller: she will receive the INHORGENTA AWARD 2019 in the category Designer of the Year.

Design Newcomer of the year

Gitta Geschmück

We are of one mind: the jewelry, watch and gemstone industry fascinates us. This is mainly due to the great professions that are practiced within it. And one of these professions in particular occupies a very special place in our hearts: that of the goldsmith. As a goldsmith, you get to work with the most beautiful and precious materials every single day. It was not for nothing that SPIEGEL once called this profession “craftsmanship with a glamour factor”. A sentiment that Birgitta Voigt a.k.a. Gitta Geschmück will no doubt agree with. Almost exactly a year ago she did her final exam as a jewelry goldsmith and passed it with the grade “very good”. And for the exam, she created this beautiful kaleidoscope. It comprises two parts: the body and a shape/color lens. Colors and shapes create an infinite number of patterns. A satin ribbon transforms the color wheel into a pendant while the body can be a hidden secret in the handbag. Our thoughts? Gitta Geschmück’s final examination piece is not just very good, it is a masterful achievement. We are therefore delighted to present her with the INHORGENTA AWARD 2019 in the Design Newcomer of the Year category.

Watch Design


The winning brand of this year’s Inhorgenta Award can look back on a long tradition. It is also one of the pioneers of timekeeping electronics. Specifically, its story begins in America in 1875 with a Czech emigrant, Joseph Bulova, who opened a modest shop in New York. Watches started to bear his name from 1911 onwards. The futuristic Accutron, a tuning fork watch, first made a name for itself in 1960. After a degree of upheaval, the brand ended up under the umbrella of the Citizen Group. Here, it can now fully exploit its innovation potential. An eloquent example is Bulova CURV, the world’s first chronograph with a curved movement. The quartz movement enables an ergonomically curved case that cuts a great figure on the wrist. The mix of innovative technology and successful appearance convinced the jury. The Inhorgenta Award 2019 in the Watch Design category goes to Bulova.

Smart & Connected watches of the year


Do you remember the TV series Knight Rider from the 80s? The main protagonist in it wasn’t a man, but a car called KITT. And a pretty clever car at that, because the black Corvette had artificial intelligence. And what seemed to be an almost impossible feat at the time: David Hasselhoff, a.k.a. Michael Knight—the driver of this magical car – was constantly connected to KITT. Thanks to his watch, no less! He received information about her. He could be located and even make phone calls. So you could say that David Hasselhoff is the founder of smart and connected watches. More than 30 years later, such watch visions are indeed reality. Especially when it comes to one of the world’s most successful manufacturers: Garmin. The Fenix 5 Plus model sets new standards in this respect. Whether it’s a map of Europe, an integrated music player or live tracking, everything has been thought of here. But above all, the Fenix 5 Plus offers its wearer something that the Michael Knight watch couldn’t do—contactless payment thanks to Garmin Pay. For this wealth of ideas, Garmin receives the INHORGENTA AWARD 2019 in the Smart and Connected Watch of the Year category.

Next Generation Retail

Juwelier Weber

We all know that society is in a state of flux. And we feel it in many areas of daily life. Particularly when it comes to consumer behavior: the rhythm of branded collections is getting faster, online competition greater and the customer more and more demanding. A real challenge. How can this change be countered? How do you turn supposed problems into opportunities? In short: How do you design the specialized trade of tomorrow? A retailer from the Ruhr area provides the best answers to all these questions: Juwelier Weber from Gelsenkirchen. To celebrate its 100th birthday last year, the store was extensively modernized. Elegant lounges, a stylish consulting corner and a video wall are the hallmarks of a “Revier Deluxe” and fascinates many a Dortmund customer. It also captivates online customers, too, because this place lives and breathes multi-channel commerce. There’s no question that this is what the stationary specialist trade of the future will look like! And it is all the nicer that two generations have had their say in it: father Alfred Weber, son Alexander and daughter-in-law Nora-Alena. Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the senior boss next year, the entire team will receive the INHORGENTA AWARD 2019 in the Next Generation Retail category.

Public Choice Award


One of the nicest things in life is to get recognition from the public, regardless of the industry. The jewelry and watch world wants to inspire and touch this audience, its customers, emotionally, and we want exactly the same from the media industry. If it all works, if you get the recognition, whether in sales, click numbers, personal praise, it is the best feeling. For this you constantly need new ideas, your own ideas—nobody wants to imitate others; we all want to set our own trends. This is only possible with a great deal of creativity, time and again. This is what distinguishes us from robots and is something that artificial intelligence will never be able to achieve. Karl Lagerfeld, whose recent death affected us in the editorial department greatly and touched us deeply, once said: “Creativity is a muscle that you have to train again and again.” And Capolavoro has certainly trained a lot and trained well: the colored stone ring “Passione” shows inspiration and creativity and is also seemingly what the audience desires. This ring in 18-karat rose gold with diamonds and ametrine in chessboard cut has earned precisely the recognition that creative people desire. The INHORGENTA AWARD 2019 in the category “Public Choice” goes to Capolavoro.